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Name:You Ain't Generation Kill, You Ain't Shit
Website:YAGKYAS on Livejournal
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Community description:generation kill

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Welcome to YAGKYAS, a Generation Kill Holiday Fic Exchange hosted on Livejournal.

Important dates:

Signups open on September 26th and close October 10th at midnight PST.

Secret Santa letter post will go up October 10th.

Assignments will go out via email by October 13th.

The Good Cookies prompt post will go live December 1st and run through December 29th here at [community profile] yagkyas and also on the YAGKYAS tumblr. (Read more about how Good Cookies will work here.)

Assignments are due December 9th at midnight PST.

Stories will be posted ANONYMOUSLY on December 21st.

Author reveal will be on December 29th.

YAGKYAS feedback survey will go up January 1st and close January 10th.

Challenge closes January 10th.


For further information and to sign up, please visit the YAGKYAS LJ community.

We'll be announcing on [community profile] yagkyas, [info - community] yagkyas, @yagkyas, and on the YAGKYAS tumblr We encourage you to follow us on any or all of those channels.

Comments and questions should be sent to Both mods check that email account regularly, so it's the best way to get in touch with both of us at once. You can also get in touch with us @yagkyas, but our response time may be a little slower.


Previous YAGYAS and Good Cookie indices are available:


Good Cookies 2009
Good Cookies 2010
Good Cookies 2011
Good Cookies 2012: Then and Now
Good Cookies 2012: USMC Birthday
Good Cookies 2012: Free-For-All

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